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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in berkeley. fires are watching over two homes that were destroyed by fire last night. they say they had one advantage that helped them keep it from spreading to more homes. also, occupy oakland remerges, not for long. police move in to remove protesters who pitched tents in a vacant lot. a wall nut creek school custodian is charged -- with sexually assaulting two children. i'm frances dinglasan the fog really thick, san francisco bay and parts of the north bay. milder temperatures ahead, i'll tell you about that coming up. also, if you are heading out the door shortly here's a live shot at the bay bridge toll,
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fog advisory as well for many bay area bridges. so far no accidents. it is almost 5:01 on this thursday morning. we thank you for the company i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. we are following breaking news in san jose. right now police have evacuated several residents from an apartment complex because of a standoff with a man who may be armed. it is happening on capital village circle near the intersection of capital expressway and snell. they say a man inside one of the apartments has been making threats and may be carrying a large knife. no word on whether thin else is in the apartment or how many nearby apartments have been evacuated. we continue to follow the story and bring you updates as we get them. firefighters in the berkeley hills are keeping watch over two heavily damaged homes. damaged by fires last night. they are watching the bone dry vegetation nearby worried about the possibility of a
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huge grass fire erupting. amy hollyfield is live in the east bay hills with more on the story itch >> reporter: it has been so dry for -- weeks. residents say this fire scared them and check out, it was devastating look what's left of this house where it started. theçjj residents on the street say they are grateful it didn't spread further. it started 8:30 last night in the berkeley hills and spread next door. everyone got out okay. they are still trying to figure out how it started. a man says he thinks he knows where it might have started. >> it looked like a pile of burning branches and leaves like a burning branch had fallen on their fence. it looked like the sparks caught the trees between the houses and caught their deck on fire. >> reporter: one major concern is how die it is -- how dry is
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it, not only all over the bay area but especially here in the hills. the firefighters had an advantage, there was no wind. they say it spread to the other house because the homes are so close together and because of the intense heat, not because it was wind driven. fires were here overnight watching for any hot spots, nothing happened they say it was a quiet night. they will be here until 8:00 this morning. investigators will arrive and start to try and start looking for a cause. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:03. in west oakland this morning, there are four tents posted in front of the gate of a vacant lot. yesterday police evicted occupy oakland protesters who set up inside that lot. here's alan wang with the details. >> they said we had 10, 15 minutes to leave. >> reporter: they weren't lying. after verbal and written warnings, 15 oakland police officers began handcuffing occupiers who put up no
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resistance. police arrested one because they couldn't identify him. the other 14 were cited, allowed to gather their belongings and escorted out. occupy oakland's attack cal action committee said it specifically targets -- this lot in west oakland near mandela parkway and west grand avenue. >> if you look on the an assessor's records it shows back taxes are owed. the other half of the area does not exist according to county records. there's no tax record that comes up at all that's the area that the tents were on. >> reporter: police say they verified the land owner who asked them to remove the occupiers. by phone we spoke to one of the owners who says his property company owned the entire lot. >> they don't let us protest on public property, private property is unacceptable, maybe commercial property, i don't know.
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>> the least they could have done was allow people to get their food. it really shows who is being protected by the police when people can't come together by the community and feed the disinfranchised. >> reporter: shortly after the police left the occupiers could retrieve the food and water that was left. >> at last check there were 20 people in four tents outside the front gates of that property. the ownerser says he had had to have them removed because the liability would have fallen on him had somebody been seriously injured or killed. i'm alan wang, abc7 news. it is 5:05. historic east bay park overrun by rodents getting a much needed makeover. yesterday crews cleared s of heavy vegetation from uc berkeley's people's park. the plants are crowding the sidewalks and becoming a stomping ground for a growing rat population. grounds keepers are putting in smaller plants that useless
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water the goal to drive the rodents out while making the park more attractive to visitors. a school custodian has been charged with sexually assaulting two children. 44-year-old john astor faces 10 counts he was arrested last thursday at his home on suspicion of lewd acts against a child under 14. neither of the victims were students at any of the walnut creek schools where he worked. his bail is set at 1.5 million dollars. police are looking for a man accused of intentionally ramming his car into a san francisco police cruisers. investigators say plainclothes police officers responded to oakland around 6:00 last night on reports that a kidnapping and assault suspect they were looking for was in the area. they spotted the man but detectives say the suspect spotted them and rammed his car into theirs then drove away. nobody was hurt.
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the san francisco business owner and his manager will be in court next month to stand trial for the death of a pregnant employee crushed to death by a machine. the accident happened in 2008. a woman was loading a device called a ing and cutting machine used ford cardboard -- prosecutors allege she was not trained and there were no safety guards. the woman was leaning over the machine when it suddenly activated crushing her upper body. >> not only are we proceeding legally, we are coming out publicly this is the kind of stuff that is preventable. we know this is probably in the a unique setting there are probably other places that are unsafe. >> the accident occurred -- the company could face a fine of up to 1 1/2 million dollars. the highway patrol is about to begin a regional crackdown on drivers who continue to use hand-held cell phones on the road. for 24 hours, starting tomorrow night officers will stop as many violators as
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possible in sacramento, stockton and auburn. the chp wants to know why so many drivers continue to texan talk on hand-held devices even though it is against the law. the data will be used for a study on disstacked driving which carries a $166 fine. -- with every new year comes a new set of laws there are several this year. starting january 1st, you will need to prove you are over 18 to buy robitussin, nyquil or any other cold medicine with the depressant dxm. you will need to be 18 to use a tanning bed in california starting sunday ours is the first state to ban minors from using them. starting on the 1st, children have to ride in a booster seat until the age of eight or until they are taller than 4'9. if you look at the bay bridge you see a smattering of fog. once you get off the bridge
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into san francisco it gets much thicker. >> frances is here with a check of weather. >> i heard the fog horns this morning in san francisco, thick fog spilling into the bay as well. right now still in the 50s, we are going to drop soon, 51 san francisco, 40s around the bay, 48 in oakland, 47 san jose, very mild start because we have that cloud cover and we also have the thick fog keeping temperatures up a little bit this morning. check out how limited visibility is in parts of the north bay valleys, down to 1/4 of a mile in. we see the chance of sprinkles today and a chance of rain for tomorrow mainly for north bay counties, sonoma and napa, still looking dry and mild for new year's weekend. this afternoon comfortable numbers up to 60 in san rafael, 59 in san francisco, 4 in
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san jose with a little -- 4 in san jose. with a little more sun, up to 66 in hollister. traffic right now, across the san mateo bridge there was a fog advisory that has just been lived for -- lifted for the bridge you can see as you make the drive across the span right hand side is westbound out of hayward. golden gate bridge still find fog here especially out of marin county. traffic very light right now no major accidents reported around the bay area. it is now 10 minutes past 5. a lesson for all parents. the 5-year-old who went to town racking up a huge tab on what was supposed to be a free app. bay area moms stage a breast feeding protest over a harassment claim that has
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embarrassed a major department store chain. tackling the bay area's homeless problem, one family at a time. the generous donation putting
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. criminal charges against bp employees. company engineers lied to regulators about the risk of drilling in the gulf before the deep water horizon drill
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blew out. >> honda taking an unusual step telling dealers to stop selling some used cars. the recall for a faulty air bag in older vehicles keeps expanding. honda isn't sure which vehicles have them. the rest of the industry is having a good year. sales of almost 13 million are expected the best year since 2008. sales are expected to continue to increase next year. >> strange holiday shopping season, a frenzy right after thanksgiving and a surge the week before christmas. in between the stores were quiet as shoppers waited for more bargains. 5:14. target is vowing to make sure that employees are aware of its breast-feeding policy, following a nationwide protest. 30 moms took part in a nurse-in emeryville yesterday one of 100 protests at 35 stores across the country. the nurse-ins were organized after michelle hickman who says she was asked to move
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when she was breast-feeding her baby at a houston area target. >> we are unhappy that a mom had to go through that experience, anywhere. >> we should be able to breast-feed in public, there is nothing wrong about it. nothing dirty about it. it is nourishing our children. >> a spokesperson at the emeryville target says shoppers who choose to with breast-feed if public areas of the store are welcome to do so. target will inform employees at the texas store about the policy. urgent call this morning to help homeless families. more families -- more families than ever are homeless. a san francisco foundation has stepped up to help. here's david louie with the story. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] they call this one room home for now inside a shelter operated by hamilton family sutter. as unemployment and foreclosures continue, san francisco is finding
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homeless families are a growing challenge. >> the demand has increased over these past two years to a point where we are able to meet the need immediately so we can get someone into a shelter bed tonight. but long term, sustainable-type resources takes longer itch >> reporter: the biggest impact the -- children. >> kids who do not have stability and security in their lives it is hard for them to focus, to even get up and get to school. >> reporter: 60 homeless families in san francisco will be getting rent subsidies of $800 a month so they can find new homes as a result of a 1 1/2 million dollar donation. the mayor's homeless fund will match that grant. one told us through a translator, young stephanie has been wondering how long they will be living in a shelter. >> she hask7m asked her parents when they will go back to having their own private space. >> reporter:!their shelter
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space will be reassigned to one of the over 200 families on the waiting list. they expect the number to increase after the holidays. those who have moved in with friends or relatives during the holidays, often find they are no longer welcome. 5:17. if you got an iphone during the holidays now would be a good time to protect it with passwords. that's what an oklahoma family learned. their tech savvy 2-year-old racked up $200 on her parents cell phone bill the toddler loves to play with apps she managed to download two games at $100 a pop. >> i stood with my mouth open. i didn't know whether to laugh or cry. >> parents had to quickly catch up with the 2-year-old they protected the phone with passwords which they say will keep secret from their little genius and keep her from
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downloading those expensive apps. >> i didn't even know there were $100 apps. >> they are out there, but a 2-year-old, come on! >> my 2-year-old has changed the password on some of our things, i swear. >> you're like can i have the password please? >> i can't even change the password on half the stuff i have. also what you might have difficulty changing now is the fog. pretty thick out there, transitioning to weather. we have in live shot from vollmer looking towards san francisco, you see that fog coming in from the coast. parts of sf bay spilling into that area, thick in parts of the north bay as well that's a big concern for the morning. as we look at temperatures right now, very mild, that's because of the overnight cloud cover. we didn't lose a lot of heat and we are still hanging on to 50° in novato and san francisco, 44 led wood
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city and 46 san jose. -- check out how limited visibility is now. reported down to a half a mile in santa rosa and half a mile in novato. 3/4 of a mile visibility in half moon bay. actually within the past hour it has improved a little. still going to be a tough commute heading into work this morning. the fog advisory in place, until issued by the national weather service north bay and san francisco bay sprinkles today i'll show you when you can expect them and a chance of rain for friday looking more likely at this point. dry and mild for new year's weekend. we'll look at the satellite radar image, area of high pressure kept most of the storm system to the north. as this cold front approaches northern california where they are getting rain now it is going to possibly bring us some light drizzle this afternoon. then we've got an active storm track here that is moving
5:20 am
again towards the areas north of us, but our forecast animation model shows some of this light rain coming down a little further south. by tonight, possibly light rain north end of sonoma county then we'll let it roll in through tomorrow morning, drizzle down to the peninsula coast and then, even rain into friday afternoon. so you see possibly heavier rain with darker green we are still only talking about a 10th of an inch in some of the north bay areas. temperatures very comfortable, slightly warmer than what you expect for this time of year. 59 in san francisco, 64 in san jose mid 60s, 66 hollister. here's your seven day forecast, tomorrow morning with a chance of rain friday afternoon pretty dry for the new year's eve weekend and warmer for the beginning of the workweek next week.
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we take a look at traffic now as well and show you a live shot of 88 poe in berkeley. it is more crowded, -- 8880 in berkeley. -- we'll head to the south bay, a clear are shot here you see no visibility problems. headlights northbound 280 problem-free out of downtown san jose towards cupertino for head lights. north bay commute heading towards the golden gate bridge we are seeing a little bit thicker fog right now as you make your way into san francisco and then we'll head over one more stop, bay bridge toll plaza, not a problem at all >> let's hope it stays that way 5:21. next, bizarre story of what you might call time travel. why one country will never see friday december 30th. the final curtain call for the show inside the big tent on the san francisco
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waterfront, for now. disneyland disappointment. why the magic kingdom is forced to cancel a spey." i'm sunny hostin. h@, i'm right e
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disneyland is evaluating the safe of its fireworks show after an employee was injured last week. it has been cancelled six times because of technical issues. the anaheim fire chief says an employee suffered possible ear damage last thursday when a shell exploded close to the
5:25 am
ground. the fireworks cancellations come during one of the busiest weeks of the year. the park stopped selling tickets yesterday because the park was packed. abc 7 is owned by disney. longtime fixture of san francisco's entertainment scene will wrap up its run at its current home on new year's eve. ♪ ♪ >> it promotes itself as a time in vaudeville and the circus. it was supposed to be a six month run but audiences kept coming. the dinner theater faces eviction because its home is being renovated for the america's cup yacht race. >> we are in the mit of packing everything and crating it -- in the midst of packing everything up and crating up. >> they plan to reopen in time
5:26 am
for next year's holiday season. if you think the hour change of daylight saving time throws you off imagine losing an entire day that happened in the tiny south pacific nation of samoa. they agreed to align with u.s. territories to resist trading with california as the nation crosses over the international date line time in samoa will leap to dis30s first, skipping december 30th. -- [ unintelligible ] we continue to follow breaking news in san jose where a police standoff has forced evacuation of some apartments the latest, next. all night vigil by firefighters after a blaze in berkeley hills hits two homes.
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the the attempt to bring an arizona-style immigration law to california. do you have a traffic ticket you haven't paid? the special deal authorities are offering that you may not want to refuse. here's a look at your flight delays leaving california. so far, none reported. it is very likely that we could see some arrival delays at sfo later this morning with the low cloud ceilings, no other airport delays reported around the nation. pretty quiet to the east coast at this point. you can always stay on top of it and track your flight by going to you will find it under the flight tracker.
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in berkeley. two homes were destroyed by fire last night. firefighters have been here
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all night watching over the homes. the latest coming up in a live report. also, police evict occupy protesters from their encampment in oakland. police cite and release more than a dozen. the state supreme court will rule this morning on whether california can force redevelopment agencies to turnover half their revenue to sacramento. that's 1.7 billion dollars at stake. good morning i'm frances ding denying the fog is very thick in some spots -- i'm frances dinglasan. the fog is very thick in some spots this morning. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll the morning commute has been quiet but there is quite a bit of fog on several day area bridges more details coming up. good morning it is 5:30 i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. our top story, the latest on breaking news that you heard first here on abc 7. seven residents have been
5:31 am
evacuated because of a standoff of what police say appears to be an armed man on capital village circle near the intersection of capital expressway and snell. investigators releasing few details. they say a man signed one of the apartments has been making threats and may be carrying a large knife. no word on whether anyone else is in the apartment or exactly how many nearby residents have been evacuated. we continue to follow the story and will bring you updates as soon as we get them >> fire crews still on the scene of two house fires that broke out in berkeley last night they are looking for the cause and hot spots, neighbors are nervous. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters are still here, check out the scene behind me they watched over the homes overnight but say no flare-ups, they didn't have any problems. this fire did happen on a narrow street in the berkeley hills on miller avenue where the homes are very close
5:32 am
together. firefighters say that's why it quickly spread to the house next door. six people were affected and now need to fan a new home. everyone did get out okay. -- to find a new home. everyone did get out okay. one man house sitting next door called 911 anyone jumped in to help. >> he -- then jumped in to help. >> got the hose and tried to wet down the roof, the back side to get [ unintelligible ] get a little water even the house in case the pine needles started to go. >> reporter: at one point in the night, a live powerline fell on a fire truck. firefighters couldn't use that truck for a while. no one was hurt happened. pg&e did address that issue. one advantage that firefighters say they had was it want windy. it is so dry up here in these
5:33 am
hills. firefighters say wind could have created massive damage. it could have pushed the fire truth the hills. residents were worried about that possibility. some homes were evacuated while the fire was burning just in case. fires were able to keep the fire to the two homes. investigators will be out here 8:00 this morning to try and start figuring out what started this fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:33. this morning there are four tents in west oakland that belong to occupy oakland protesters camped out in front of an empty lot. last night police evicted protesters who tried to set up tents inside the lot. police officers gave demonstrators verbal and written warnings beforehand cuffing them. they didn't put up resistance. one was arrested because officers couldn't identify him. the other 14 were cited, allowed to pick up belongings and were escorted out of the gated lot. >> they don't let us protest
5:34 am
on public property, private property unacceptable, maybe commercial property, i don't know. >> owner of the lot says he to ask police to remove the protesters because he could be liable if anybody was injured or killed on the property. the state supreme court will rule this morning on whether local redevelopment agencies can be forced to turnover half their revenues to the state. redevelopment money is property tax revenue which is devoted to making improvements in a specific area like downtown san jose. sacramento wants the money to help balance the budget. agencies have been ordered to dissolve or turnover a large portion of their revenues to pay for local schools. the state supreme court has sent mixed signals on how it might rule. there's 1.7 billion dollars at stake. there's a new effort to bring in an arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration to california. the petition drive is being launched to collect enough
5:35 am
signatures to get the initiative on next november's ballot. it will not be as aggressive as the controversial immigration laws passed in other states. however, it would require sanctuary cities like san francisco that don't require police to enforce federal immigration laws to begin doing so. republican ted hilton is a proponent of the initiative. >> we have a tremendous crime problem cased by those who are coming here illegally. we are spending about 950 million dollars annually for incourse . >> democrats speculate the measure is politically driven to create a wedge issue that might spur republicans to the polls. 5:30 few. this afternoon the mother accused of dropping -- her toddler from a second story window in san jose is scheduled to appear in court to face attempted murder charges. relatives are carrying for the 223-month-old boy who survived with -- for the 22-month-old
5:36 am
boy who survived with bumps and bruise . the mother remains in custody. after she tossed her son out of the window jumped out herself. investigators say cortez received a prescription for an anti-depressant last week. they say she has a history of mental illness. police in fremont looking for a woman who hit a man with her car then drove off. she was wanted on drug charges when officers found her yesterday in oakland she was in a car when officers approached she drove on to the sidewalk and hit a 51-year-old man, his injuries are not life-threatening. she then took off. police have found her car. she is still on the loose. california offering a big incentive to folks who didn't pay their traffic tickets. a half off amnesty program for certain tickets. the state has mandated a one-time amnesty program beginning january 1st, ending
5:37 am
in june. you could get half off your tick question if you meet certain requirements. the program does not apply to parking tickets, reckless driving or dui's. if you want to know if your ticket qualifies go to our web page and click on see it on tv. time for a look at weather and traffic they are kind of intertwined because of the fog. >> fog is a big story for weather and traffic this morning. temperatures really mild because of the extra cloud cover and the fog, 50 san francisco right now. 44 in redwood city, 46 in san jose. with the fog, we are seeing limited visibility in parts of the north bay also around san francisco bay. sfo airport/14 of a mile, 3/4 in half moon bay, half a mile in parts of the north bay valleys, less in certain locations could be a tough commute. thick fog advisory issued by the national weather service
5:38 am
until 9:00 this morning. sprinkles later on then a chance of rain friday, dry and mild for the weekend. today look for highs to be comfortable, a few degrees warmer than yesterday upper 60s. nice in san francisco, 59, 63 fremont, 64 san jose. warmer monterey bay up to 65 gilroy. we have drizzle thursday night into friday with a chance of rain mainly for the north bay, drier, warmer for the weekend and beginning of the new year. we check out traffic right now. just got word of an ace train delay train number 1 running six minutes late. if you want to avoid that fog and consider other mass transit systems, they are reporting no delays. live shot of the san mateo bridge, more clouded, westbound, no delays reported as -- more crowded westbound, no delays reported. across the span westbound looking good out of hayward.
5:39 am
680 walnut creek looking clear, do look out for the fog advisory issued for the carquinez and benicia bridge. new crash eastbound 80 to eastbound 4 possibly blocking a lane. 5:39. >> the new year will bring the end of an era in san francisco. a record store survived the digital age of music. now the owners say it sometime to find a new groove. what do they know about you and why? the lawsuit trying to get homeland security to come clean about the information it gathers onn
5:40 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. an internet watchdog group is suing the department of homeland security. the electric twrofpb nick privacy information center wants to know what the agency is doing with information it gathers on facebook, twitter and other social media sites. homeland security scans the sites for key words including dirty bomb, nuclear threat, hostage, explosion and riot. countries including north korea, mexico and several cities are also flagged. the homeland security department is not commenting on the suit. the new year will buy big changes to a neighborhood business that has been unchanged for a quarter century.
5:43 am
jonathan bloom reports on a mom and pop record store in san francisco that is one of the last of its kind. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: at this record store elba and joe lambert she about latin and reggae he's paul about jazz. together they've run the creative music emporium for 26 1/2 years. >> our mission was to expose people to music that you normally wouldn't hear. we've stuck to that formula. >> we started with an empty room. one bin and two counters. and i thought we would never fill it up. now we've run out of room. >> reporter: even for 10 years after apple sole the first ipod they've kept selling cd's, records and even cassettes to customers who say they like that it way. >> i still like old school. i still like cd's. >> for the most part the customers that come us to now
5:44 am
are our loyal customers that have been coming to us for years. but there's not enough of them any more. >> reporter: they've held on longer than they ever thought possible, creative music emporium will close friday. the lamberts have put every tape, record and cd on clearance in a room adorned with pictures of local artifices who sold some of their first cd's here like wayne wallace. >> you could always come here and feel like were you talking to someone who cared and knew the music and had something invested in it. >> i'm going to >> reporter: not all tears for the lamb bedrooms. creative music will live -- lamb bedrooms. creative music will live on -- selling their special breed of music online. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. the spillover from the biggest offshore oil spill in history continues. bloomberg business report coming up.
5:45 am
iran threatens to close off a major gateway to oil and gas. the impact it could have on you and the warning the u.s. is ing to tehran. >> the milestone the 9/11 memorial has set three months after opening. massive solar eruption heads towards the earth.clclclcl
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
starting off in the north rain in eureka, highway of appear. 62 in chico, cloudy in tahoe 59°. southern california will be sunnier and milder with los angeles getting up to 74°. your complete accuweather forecast, coming up in 2 1/2 minutes. more news with katie. 5:48. this morning, iran says one of its surveillance planes shot video of a u.s. aircraft carrier during a drill in the persian gulf. iran has threatened to shutdown the strait of hormuz, a key gateway for the world's oil supply. here's cecilia spray with how that might affect gas prices in the u.s.. >> reporter: any attempts by the iranians to shutdown the strait of hormuz could send oil and gas prices skyrocketing in this country. astounding 20% of the world's oil travels through that vital waterway, 20 miles wide in
5:49 am
iran's backyard. their navy chief said closing the strait of hormuz will be easier than drinking a glass of water. if they followed through on that threat, experts predict higher prices at the pump. >> depending on how long this goes on and how much is going to be affected, by summertime we could be looking at $5. >> reporter: that that could have a profound effect on this nation's already fragile economy. economists say if prices rose from today's $3.26 average to $5 it would zap 218 billion in consumer spending over a year. while president obama is on vacation purposefully, keeping quiet on right ran's provocations the u.s. responding forcefully. the -- navy vowing any disruption will not be tolerated. with america and iran facing off in these troubled waters, nothing is certain. >> if the iranians actual lay
5:50 am
tempted to shutdown the strait of hormuz it would almost be like saying lease attack me. -- would it be an act of war. -- it would be an act of war. the obama administration is set to announce send billions of dollars in warplanes and other military equipment to saudi arabia. the kingdom will pay 30 billion dollars for 8 had new f-15 fighters and upgrades for 70 more. the agreement worth three billion dollars. analysts say saudi arabia gets a boost toys military strength and the u.s. keeps a -- boost to its military strength. [ inaudible ] the administration is offer ago sure republicanses that israel less military -- a storm could create problems on either. solar plasma eruption hit monday. the impact will spawn
5:51 am
geomagnetic storms which could disrupt, -- the sun has been active this year. -- [ unintelligible ] of >> -- we are looking from the east bay from vollmer west towards the bay bridge and you see parts of the bay bridge obscured by some of the fog. some thick fog has moved in across the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll take a look at temperatures right now. if you are heading out shortly very mild this morning because of the cloud cover. still 50 in novato and in san francisco, we are seeing a lot of upper 40s, in fairfield concord. compare this to monday,
5:52 am
temperatures in the 20s at this time very mild start, but fog going to be a problem in some areas. visibility very limited, especially in the north bay valleys, santa rosa, novato about a half a mile, 1/4s fo likely delays there later -- this morning. what you can expect today, fog advisory until 9 for the north bay and san francisco bay sprinkles heading in our direction then you might need to use that umbrella tomorrow. dry and mild still for the weekend. that's good news. we have this front that is moving towards northern california bringing them some rain right now. then as it stars to move west and we'll get the -- starts to move west and we'll get the south end of this we'll start to see moisture in the air and sprinkles moving into the bay area. mainly the northern parts by tonight, possibly northern ends of sonoma county getting sprinkles and then drizzle
5:53 am
overnight into friday morning. then check this out, friday afternoon, that's where we are seeing a better chance of rain. again, mainly confined to the north bay, you see that pink? that's snow that might be possible in tahoe for tomorrow. that's good news. highs for today, 59 san francisco, low to mid 60s elsewhere. 60 oakland, 64 san jose. warmer monterey bay getting up to 66° in hollister 62 monterey. we've got the drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning with a chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. drier and warmer starting saturday. we are going to take a look at traffic now. live shot of 80 walnut creek. clear here, there is still a fog advisory for the benicia bridge towards walnut creek and the carquinez bridge. i-80 in berkeley, westbound for head lights, moving well. in the eastbound direction, as you make your way towards
5:54 am
hercules on the connector ramp to eastbound 4, there is a crash they say it is hard to see and it is clocking one of the lanes of the connection ramp. -- it is blocking one of the lanes of the connection ramp. thick fog across the dumbarton bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge right now. south bay no problems through the 101 and 880 interchange, headlights northbound 101. our time is 5:54. bp may be about to face criminal charges over the gulf oil spill. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. bp employees may be about to face criminal charges for that huge gulf of mexico oil spill. the 2010 accident killed 11 and caused the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. now the "wall street journal" says prosecutors are focused on several engineers and one supervisor.
5:55 am
employees may have provided false information to regulators while drilling was in progress. it is not unusual for prosecutors to threaten criminal charges to get people to cooperate with investigations. bad news if you think you are saving by eating eight lot of peanut butter and jelly. weather has reduced production and sent peanut drops 12% smaller this year. farmers have planted the second smallest crop since 1915. the government will pay nearly 18 million dollars to a san diego family that lost four loved ones when a fighter jet crashed into their home. the f-18 jet developed engine problems when a student pilot was at the health many in december of 2008. a federal judge has ordered the multi-million dollar settlement. -- the military said the pilot overlooked safe landing at a nearby navy base. 13 members of the marines and
5:56 am
navy were disciplined. this morning officials at the september 11th, memorial in new york city will announce one million people have visited since it opened 16 weeks ago. it opened on the 10th anniversary of the terror an being fast the next day to the general public. everyday 10,000 tour ground zero and the two huge square fountains that mark footprints of the world trade center to you curse. visitors have to get passes in advance to visit. new research could give hope to women suffering from ovarian cancer. the drug avastin has been found to stabilize tumors in women suffering from advanced stage ovarian cancer that means a woman could have an additional 3 1/2 months before the disease worsens. the fda has not approved avastin to treat ovarian cancer in the united states but it has been approved in europe.
5:57 am
the research is published in the new england journal of medicine. 5:56. just ahead, a boost for boosters and a ban for cuff medicine. a look at new laws taking effect this weekend. we'll continue to bring you the latest on a san jose standoff that has some out in the cold this morning. >> reporter: firefighters are still watching over two homes in the berkeley hills that burned overnight. up next, you will hear from the man who was likely the first to spot the fire. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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